Straight Talk Verizon Towers Activation

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 We HIGHLY recommend reading to the bottom of these instructions before beginning the activation process. There are helpful tips at the bottom of the instructions for dealing with Straight Talk. You will thank us later.


Important Info Regarding iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s:

The iPhone 4 and 4s that use Verizon towers are CDMA 3G only phones and do not use a SIM card. If you attempt to use a SIM card with these phones they will not work. In the past Straight Talk would require a "network access code" in order to register and activate 3G only phones, but they are not longer required.  Straight Talk will register the phone electronically during the activation process.  If for some reason you need a network access code just let us know and we will get you one.  


Important Info Regarding Serial Numbers:

Straight Talk needs an IMEI/MEID to activate your phone. The MEID/IMEI for iPhones can be found on the “Hello” screen by tapping the blue (i) icon, or from the home screen go to SETTINGS/GENERAL/ABOUT/MEID. DO NOT use the MEID from the sticker on the back of the phone.


For Android Phones the MEID/Serial Number can be found in the settings of the phone. Most of the time the MEID/IMEI number can be found in Settings/About/Status. The MEID can also be found underneath the battery on Android phones with removable batteries. 


Note: The number one reason we see for activation issues is providing Straight Talk with the wrong IMEI/MEID number. Make sure you use the correct number.



Straight Talk will ask you where the phone is from or what carrier it was with previously, these are Verizon phones.


Straight Talk customer "support" is not the greatest.  They will often tell you that the phone will not work or it is not compatible.  We have found that something in their "system" has changed and since the iPhone 4 has a letter A in the MEID they tend to get rejected frequently.  If you run into this problem just demand to speak with a "Senior Supervisor".  Apparently everyone there is a "supervisor" so you must ask for a Senior Supervisor as they are the only ones that can manually override the entry of the MEID in the system.  


Helpful Tips When You Have Activation Issues:

We recommend using the Chat feature first, then the website, and as a last resort calling!  


Straight Talk Customer Service Chat (Chat only works from a computer.) 

** If you do not see a red "click here to chat" button, try using Chrome as your browser**

 Activating Online:

Please follow the following instructions carefully:

 1. Proceed to the Straight Talk activation page by CLICKING HERE.

 2. Follow the instructions from the Straight Talk website to "Activate Your Verizon Compatible Phone (CDMA)". This means 1. Register Your CDMA Phone and then 2. Activate Your CDMA Phone. When "Registering" the phone to Straight Talk you will click "Verizon Compatible Phone" and enter your zip code and the MEID of the phone. 

 Note: Sometimes you will receive an error message that says "Contact Customer Care". Try clicking the "Continue" button again after receiving this error message and it should then say the phone is compatible. Weird, we know, but it works. 

 3. After successfully registering the phone then you will "Activate Your CDMA Phone" on the activation page we linked to above. Straight Talk will walk you through the process and allow you to open a new account, transfer your current phone number to the new phone, or port your number in from another carrier. Read the menus carefully and follow the instructions.


Straight Talk Phone Support- 1-877-430-2355 (dial 1 for English, 5 for Tech Support, and 1 for the “BYOP” program.)

  • Follow the number prompts EXACTLY when calling
  • Remember to ask for a "Senior Supervisor" (or you will just waste your time)

If you follow these instructions and continue to have issues PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out to us. We WILL get you activated. E-mail us at and we will get right back with you.