Net10 Verizon Towers Activation

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You absolutely, positively, MUST follow these instructions EXACTLY!

There are separate instructions for the iPhone 4/4s, the iPhone 5/5c/5s, and Android phones. Scroll down to find your phone and instructions.

READ the ENTIRE page!

These instructions are for Net10 Verizon Towers activation.

If you have trouble activating with Net10 we recommend utilizing the "chat" link below. Chat seems to work better than calling most of the time.

Helpful Links:

Net10 Customer Service Chat (Often works better than calling. Chat only works from a computer.)

Net10 Shop (For purchase of Network Access Code or SIM Card)

Net10 Phone Support- 1-877-TEN-CENT (dial 1 for English, 6 for Tech Support, and 1 for the “BYOP” program.)

  • Follow the number prompts EXACTLY when calling

iPhone Activation:

The Serial Number/MEID for iPhones can be found on the “Hello” screen by tapping the blue (i) icon, or from the home screen go to SETTINGS/GENERAL/ABOUT/MEID. DO NOT use the MEID from the sticker on the back of the phone.


iPhone 4/4s (scroll down for iPhone 5/5c/5s)- The iPhone 4 or 4s (CDMA Version) DOES NOT use a SIM card. Please note that even though the iPhone 4s has a SIM card slot, it does not use a SIM on the carriers listed. If you put a SIM card in your iPhone 4s for Verizon Towers the phone WILL NOT work! Your phone is activated electronically by your carrier and does NOT require a SIM card. DO NOT try to remove the back of this phone to look for a SIM card. Call the number listed above and tell the operator that you have a “CDMA Verizon iPhone 4 or 4s” that you want to use for the "Bring Your Own Device program". Tell them that you need to purchase a “Network Access Code” for a CDMA phone. They will ask for a “Serial Number” or “MEID” number which are the same thing.


The cost of the access code is $0.99-$9.99 and is a one-time activation fee they charge you. There is nothing you need to enter into the phone after purchasing the code it is all done on their end. After you purchase the code you can put the phone on your account or open a new account. BE VERY INSISTENT that you need to purchase the Network Access Code regardless of what they tell you.

There is a very good chance you will speak with someone that may not understand what you need. Here are some common things they will tell you that are NOT TRUE.


  1. Your phone is still active on Verizon. This is not true. The phone LOOKS like a Verizon phone to them until you purchase the Network Access Code and then it is ready to be used on their network. If they tell you this tell them you need a Network Code.


  1. Your phone needs a SIM card slot. Not true. This is a CDMA phone it does need, or require a SIM card. The phone uses a Network Access Code instead of a SIM card.


  1. The “Serial Number” is not valid. They will ask you for a “Serial Number” or MEID number. The number will ALWAYS start with “A10000” for an iPhone 4. The MEID may be different for an iPhone 4s. The Serial Number/IMEI/MEID are all the same thing.


iPhone 5/5c/5s- The iPhone 5/5c/5s for CDMA carriers such as Straight Talk Verizon Towers, Net10, and Tracfone DOES use a SIM card. You will need to get the SIM card from your carrier. The iPhone 5/5c/5s uses a “NANO” 4G LTE SIM card for Verizon Towers. The SIM card slot on the iPhone 4s/5/5c/5s is located ON THE SIDE OF THE PHONE. It is a little hole, and if you stick a small paperclip or pointy object in the hole and push the SIM tray will pop out.


The iPhone 5/5c/5s is a 4G LTE phone please see instructions below for 4G LTE activation.


Android Phones:


For Android Phones the MEID/Serial Number can be found in the settings of the phone. Most of the time the MEID/IMEI number can be found in Settings/About/Status. The MEID can also be found underneath the battery on Android phones with removable batteries. The SIM card is located underneath the battery or on the side of the phone most of the time. PLEASE BE CAREFUL as on some phones the SIM card has a “spring” mechanism where you push the SIM card in to make it pop back out. Be careful not to damage the SIM card tray. When ordering your SIM card make sure to order the correct size. 


4G LTE Activation for your phone:


Every iPhone 5/5c/5s and Android phone we sell is capable of 4G LTE data on your carrier if available in your area. You should have a new SIM card to activate the phone as the listing suggested. You will need to use your new CDMA 4G LTE SIM card for your carrier to activate the phone. We recommend clicking on the chat link above then copy and paste the following information into the chat...


"I have a Verizon (insert the name of the phone you purchased here) and a CDMA 4G LTE SIM card kit and I would like to activate this phone on (your carrier name here)."


They will ask you for the MEID of the phone, the SIM card number, your Network Access Code number, and your current phone number. You will have the option to transfer your current phone number and minutes. If you are activating service for the first time they will ask for your service pin number.


Your CDMA 4G LTE phone should not require any additional programming in order to receive mobile internet and picture text messages.


Important: For 4G LTE phones give them the "MEID" number first, and if that does not work try the "IMEI". These numbers are the same except the IMEI has one extra digit at the end.


Note: It is HIGHLY recommended to always use a new SIM card with your new phone. Failure to use a new SIM card can result in some services not working correctly.