Cricket Activation Instructions

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VERY IMPORTANT: The phone you receive may have originally been on any of the big four carriers including Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile. Despite what carrier the phone was originally on it has been “Unlocked” by the carrier for use on GSM networks. When you go to activate your phone on your carrier tell them you have a “GSM Unlocked” phone. The prior carrier is irrelevant. 

Notes about Cricket: When you get a new phone for Cricket most of the time you do not need to get a new SIM card as long as your current SIM card is the same size as the SIM card required for your new phone. We DO NOT recommend cutting your current SIM card to fit the new phone.

Sometimes you do need a new SIM card and you can purchase one at your local Cricket Wireless or by calling Cricket.

Cricket Customer Service #- 1-800-CRICKET

If you have any issues with Cricket we would love to help you troubleshoot. Do not hesitate to reach out to us at

You absolutely, positively, MUST follow these instructions EXACTLY!

There are separate instructions for the iPhone 4/4s5/5c/5s, and Android phones. Scroll down to find your phone and instructions.

READ the ENTIRE page!

Internet and Picture Messaging: When using an "Unlocked" phone often the "APN" settings will need programmed. We recommend having your carrier program these settings but you can also program them yourself it is not difficult. CLICK HERE for Cricket APN settings and instructions. Click on the "Bring Your Own Phone" section and select your phone model for detailed instructions.

iPhone 4s/5/5c/5s- The SIM card slot on the iPhone 4s/5/5c/5s is located ON THE SIDE OF THE PHONE. It is a little hole, and if you stick a small paperclip or pointy object in the hole and push the SIM tray will pop out.

The Serial Number/IMEI can be found on the “Hello” screen by tapping the blue (i) icon, or from the home screen go to SETTINGS/GENERAL/ABOUT/IMEI. DO NOT use the IMEI from the sticker on the back of the phone.

Android Phones- The Serial Number can be found in the settings of the phone. Most of the time the MEID/IMEI number can be found in Settings/About/Status. The SIM card is located underneath the battery or on the side of the phone most of the time. PLEASE BE CAREFUL as on some phones the SIM card has a “spring” mechanism where you push the SIM card in to make it pop back out. Be careful not to damage the SIM card tray.