Boost Mobile Activation Instructions

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You absolutely, positively, MUST follow these instructions EXACTLY!

PLEASE NOTE: Your phone may be a Sprint phone and your SIM card may say Sprint. The phone you received has been fully switched to Boost and once activated will update it's software to Boost branded software. You will have access to all Boost apps.

1. Boost Mobile's activation page can be found by clicking on the link below. Please read the following instructions before visiting the Boost Mobile Activation Page.

2. When you get to the page select whether you are a new customer wanting a new number, a new customer wanting to move your number from a different wireless company, or a current customer looking to swap devices on your account.

3. When you make your selection you will be asked to give the phone's "DEC" number. This number can be found underneath the battery of your phone, on the back cover of your phone, or in the settings of your phone. DO NOT use the number from the sticker on your phone this sticker is for our identification only and sometimes the number is incorrect.

4. After giving the DEC you will be asked for a SIM card number or "ICCID". The screen will show you a SIM card number (ICCID) that is "associated with your phone". THIS IS NOT THE CORRECT SIM CARD NUMBER. Either erase this number or click where the page tells you to click if this is not the number that matches the SIM card we provided.

Please Note: Some phones like the Note 2 and Galaxy S3 have imbedded SIM cards and the number shown on the activation page will be the correct ICCID. We do not provide SIM cards for those model phones since the SIM card is already pre-installed.

5. Enter the ICCID of the SIM card we provided to you. 

6. Proceed through the activation of the phone. If the phone does not activate after restarting with the SIM card inserted go to the phone dialer and dial ##72786#  for Android devices or ##873283# for iPhone devices.  

***** If you get a error saying the phone cannot be activated on Boost, message us with your phones DEC or IMEI number and we will look into it for you! 

If you need any activation help please do not hesitate to reach out to us at