And the name is.....

And the name is.....

Village Ministries. There it is. The name. Finallllly.

We have been praying and thinking about a name for this ministry for many months. Endlessly bouncing names back and forth. Originally it seemed that Upward Ministries would be the name but over time, that just didn’t seem right.  And then, it just clicked---Village. It takes a village. We want to be a “village” for hurting families. And the world is full of broken and hurting families. Our foster care system shoulders the brunt of this hurt and sin when it inevitably starts to affect children. Unfortunately, there are many things that can contribute to the abuse or neglect of children but a common tie is families who are under pressure AND lack support. That is where Village Ministries comes in.

We want to support these families! We want to point them to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We want to be the family’s village, support and community. The whole goal of Village Ministries is to keep children at home with their families rather than in foster homes. We want to take a stand and say “Enough is Enough! It is time to reclaim God’s purpose for the family”! Because I assure you---God has a plan for families and we want to be a part of that plan. We want all of you to be a part of that plan! Thank you for supporting Upward Mobile which is taking Village Ministries from a dream into reality.


  • Tim Pietrykowski

    Not surprised at all. All throughout our communication I kept telling my wife “This is the way to run a company”! I run my business with the objective to glorify Jesus Christ in all we do and am grateful to see how you are running yours. We will pray for your continued success. Give HIM all the glory!!! Tim

  • Mary Jones

    God is so GOOD! So I just bought a phone from you for my daughter and I came back to your website to look at an upgrade for me. Then I saw your Village Ministries page. What a blessing! I want you to know that I could see Christ in you throughout our emails to one another. Your ministry is the “cherry on top” to my phone purchase. God speed with your mission!!

  • Joann Vinson

    Hi. How much is the Galaxy Note 4?

  • Takisha

    I absolutely love what you guys
    Are doing! I love my phone and I thank you for the amazing turnaround time from ordering
    To receiving my phone. God bless!

  • cynthia ortiz

    hi I bout a Samsung galaxy note 4 from ebay on the 28 of December and It arrive on the 30 of December and now it don’t want to turn on , I was using it and all of sudden it turn off and don’t want to come on will like to see if we can come to any solution with this problem. hope to hear from u soon

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